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What is Xenta?

In 2005, Xenta Systems developed and patented the first intuitive joystick yacht control system. The Xenta System is able to intuitively control a boat using the engines, transmissions and bow thruster. Through its development, the retrofit market and OEM production markets were taken into consideration so we designed it to work with all types of inboard propulsion (shaft lines, surface propellers, water-jets, etc.) and all known electronic controls. This gives the builder or boat owner equally the best possibility of being able to install our product successfully.

You can find an interesting video demonstrating our maneuvering system at the following link:

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The First TIara!

Just back from our first Tiara Yachts retrofit in Southern California.
The boat is close to the Lido Marine Village. I have done a fair amount
of Tiara YachtsXenta additions and I have to say this one was by far really interesting.

This little Tiara has alot going against a good install. The Bow thruster is only 12 Volt and as you know the bow thruster and it's performance play an integral part in how well the Xenta Smart-Stick performs. In most instalations I would have expected this to be an issue. TIara's are pretty heavy boats to begin with. The tuna towers additional weight and the way it changes the balance of the boat I would have expected the little Lewmar thruster to get overworked pretty rapidly.  

I was absolutely pleased as the boat walks perfectly sideways and even held position for 12 minutes in front of Nicholas Cages home.

I think this is a testament to good hull design adequate power on all points of thrust and and overall great boat. My largest challenge was getting the antenna up on the tuna tower.

My only disapointment was not taking any pictures of Nicholas Cages home while we were in DPS. 

2200 Horsepower at your Fingertips

On the surface this looks peaceful doesn't it? Beneath the engine hatch are 2 1100 hp MAN high performance diesel 10 Searayengines coupled to ZF transmissions. The boat is equipped with the Rexroth controls commonly seen on this power-train set up. Interestingly, the transmissions have trolling valves but the owner was unaware of these or how to operate them.

What this means to the average boat owner is that the same engines that give you so much pleasure as you clip along at 35 mph can create quite a bit of anxiety at the dock. All boat owners with this type of boat get familiar with the "half shift". You know what I mean, push it into gear and pull it out quickly before it leaps out of the slip.  

By adding a Xenta Smart-Stick you can control all 2200 horsepower with your fingertips. Xenta requires using the trolling valves if the boats equipped with them.

Now for the technical stuff:

The 610 Searay has an Idle Speed of 625 rpm with 1.67 to 1 Transmissions. This equates to a minimum shaft speed of 375 rpm.  Given that the propellors are 30 x 39 1/2 and five bladed, the boat in its stock configuration lurches forward at almost 11 mph and will move forward 16 feet in seconds.

The Xenta Smart-Stick uses a signal to activate the trolling valves and when the transmissions engage they engage at 90% slip. As you push the joystick forward it is similar to letting the clutch out on your car. As the clutches engage we start forward motion with a shaft speed of 75 rpm. This brings your shaft speed down to approximately 1.25 rotations per minute. You don't even have to do the math to see how this allows for one handed confident control.

On this installation tied to the dock you can take the slack out of the docklines with the joystick. try to do that with the "Half Shift"

Xenta Smart-Stick On 43 Mainship

Our most recent installation is on a 2008 Mainship 43. The client chose to install the joystick          Xenta Smart Stick 43 Mainship                                         yacht control to allow him to remain confident in his ability to control the boat in close quarters.

As the pictures show the installation is seamless and the Xenta Smart-Stick look like it was installed at the factory.
The Mainship utilizes the Glendinning EEC3 throttle controls. This is perfect for the Xenta Smart-Stick. Glendinning has provided a Xenta interface and this installation is truly plug and play. The Xenta will use all the advantages provided by the EEC3 allowing the owner, a spry 74 year old to precisely control his boat with one hand.

Xenta Also works with Volvo EVC systems and Bosch Rexroth Controls.

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