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How does the Xenta Smart-Stick Work?

I thought it would be helpful to put together a little animation that explained how the Xenta Smart-Stick works with your boat and gives you the stress free confident control that usually only comes with years of experience and a few close calls. 


Docking Without the Xenta Smart-Stick

Recently observed a large express cruiser attempting to pull into the fuel dock. The wind was blowing hard off the dock, the captain  was coming in against the wind. He pulled up parallel to the dock and stopped hoping his wife  could perform a miracle. Tossing and securing an amidships line to the low floating dock cleat from the high side deck. You guessed it, before she could do anything, the boat was blown away from the dock.Xenta At Fuel dock

The Captain put his outside motor in forward to bring in the bow, then neutral. Next he pulled the outside motor in reverse to bring in the stern, a maneuver that helped the wind blow him further from the dock. Keep in mind on this day there was little room between the two other boats to fit your cruiser.

As most boaters know, when you screw up, there are "experts" everywhere telling you what you should have done.

Docking should be easy and not feared. Obviously, there are different ways to approach and tie to this fuel dock—some are easy, but most are difficult and may require several attempts.

With the Xenta Smart-Stick  and you and your crew won't fear docking, you'll dock with confidence and be the envy of your boating friends—even the "expert" coaches on the picnic table.

The Xenta "Smart-stick"

This is a very exciting time in the boating and yacht community.

Since it's infancy piloting a boat can be challenging activity. A seasoned captain, can seemingly maneuver his boat no matter what the wind and current seem to be doing. We have all been there watching your neighbor back perfectly into their slip.

Now you can too, with no stress no worries and no embarrassment. The Xenta Smart stick allows you to perform difficult maneuvers with just the push or twist of a joystick.
The Xenta Smart-stick uses a sophisticated set of patented components and algorithms allowing you to focus on controlling your direction. Not which lever you need to move.

Xenta effortlessly  Combines the bow thruster, and propellers into one propulsion system that goes where you point the joystick.

To learn how to add the the Xenta Smart-stick to your boat. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With Demo boats set up strategically across the US, Schedule your demo today!

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The Xenta "Smartstick"

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